This is a difference of +1.25oC from last year’s readings. PERIOD OF DAILY RECORD.-- WATER TEMPERATURE: November 2010 to current year. I can't help but wonder what the Loyalsock Creek and valley will be like for my grandchildren if they are fortunate enough to live into their 70s and beyond. Typically we use a boat blind, but I'm not sure we are getting that out. Upper Susquehanna River showing collection sites. When we pulled out at 3 p.m., it was 63 degrees. Susquehanna River Basin Commission n 4423 N. Front Street n Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110 n (717) 238-0423 n January 2017 The Susquehanna River is among the largest river systems in the United States, running 444 miles from Cooperstown, NY, to Havre de Grace, MD. Today's sea temperature in Port Deposit, Susquehanna River, Maryland is 10.1 ° C (Statistics for 08 Dec 1981-2005 – mean: 6.4 max: 9.5 min: 3.4 ° C) Summary some clouds The weather looks great for the Labor Day weekend, we are open by reservation on the river all weekend and at Frances Slocum from 9-5:30 everyday as well. "However, if you get a couple of cloudy days and cold nights, the water temperature can drop quite a bit, so it is a big deal. In six hours, the water warmed six degrees and that shows the temperature swings you can get," he said. John Zaktansky is an award-winning journalist and avid promoter of the outdoors who loves camping, kayaking, fishing and hunting with the family. The high temperature this summer was 24.50C recorded at site SR1 on 31 July. How low is the water table within our river and extended network of tributaries? 13: The recreation area on City Island is evacuated. As the water temperatures drop more moving forward, you may have only a minute or two to react.” Susquehanna River Water Quality Monitoring: Monitoring the water quality and fecal coliform bacteria in the upper Susquehanna River, summer 2009. The low temperature for this summer was 18.70C recorded at site SR12 on 7 August. To build the water withdrawal, bulldozers will enter the creek to build a coffer dam, as the creek is only a foot or so deep in the planned location. 2020 Tide Times & Tide Charts for the World. Have a great weekend everyone and get to enjoy the last weekend of summer. PROVISIONAL DATA SUBJECT TO REVISION. Since 1933, my family has owned a cabin-turned-year-round-home and a full mile of land fronting the Loyalsock Creek. Home; Rates. To compare temperature and dissolved oxygen regimes in the Susquehanna River with temperature and dissolved oxygen regimes in the Delaware River and the Allegheny River. Mike Breeding (443) 614-9842. PERIOD OF RECORD.--October 1890 to current … February 2020. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Temperature Figure 2 summarizes temperature profiles for the summers of 1998-2003. According to Benjamin Hayes, director of the Watershed Sciences and Engineering Program at Bucknell University, many of the riffle-glide bedforms in the West Branch of the Susquehanna River between Muncy and Lewisburg were exposed or only under a few inches of water for distances of a half-kilometer or more. Ann Fisher, the Middle Susquehanna Riverkeeper Association board secretary and treasurer, explores the exposed rocks and other structures uncovered by lower-than-normal water volume of the Susquehanna River just below the Adam T. Memorial inflatable dam near Sunbury. I'll leave it to the experts to answer that question, knowing from speaking with a PhD fisheries biologist that the answer is not good. The Susquehanna is one of the largest rivers on the eastern coast of the United States. 4. Thank you. I offer all this backstory to say that I speak not from formal training in aquatic biology but from years of lived experience. Juniata River Water Level. June 2020 Juniata River. Location NWS ID Description Water Temperature Latitude Longitude; Coochs Bridge : CHBD1: Christina River - Newark: 41: 39.6372-75.7283: Delaware Park : DPKD1: Stanton - Delaware Park Long range, accurate Tide charts and graphs for thousands of locations worldwide. River interests are encouraged to monitor conditions. April 2020 River Basins & Forecast Points; Frequently Asked Questions; Fact Sheets; About Us; Educational Links; Vision & Mission; Office Brochure; The map has been removed until further notice. I have spent time around time Hidden Valley and Wallis Run area all my life and I can verify the severe decline in aquatic life and other wildlife. July 2020 Temperature Converter Enter a number and click on the "Calculate" button °F = °C --- Predefined displays --- Group table by. Where the Adventure Begins/ Susquehanna River & Upper Potomac River. The water looked gorgeous, with that green tint and several feet of visibility. Susquehanna River - Port Deposit Temperature Statistics . 2. Benjamin Hayes, director of the Watershed Sciences and Engineering Program at Bucknell University, studies a tributary of the Susquehanna River. Corporate profits are the winner, and the health and balance of the creek's ecology has taken up residence on the bottom rung of the priority ladder. Throughout the month of September daytime temperatures will generally reach highs of around 25°C that's about 78°F. Tide Times; Sea Conditions; 7 Day Tide Table; Live Weather; Tide Station Map; Location Guide; Change units. The climate profile is taken from closest available data source to Susquehanna River Harrisburg. October 2020 The information below shows the Susquehanna River Level Harrisburg at a glance. August 2020 The problem was twofold. Since then, the instruments have recorded fluctuations in water quality and are now part of the SRBC’s Early Warning System, which is … The water of the Susquehanna River travels a distance of 444 miles. That experience gives me grave concern for the ecology of the creek. . FISHING WEATHER. A low temperature of SPECIFIC CONDUCTANCE: November 2010 to current year. My memories of abundant aquatic life in the 'Sock are just that - memories, It was once possible to go for a canoe ride along my property and see literally thousands of fish. This information is redistributed from and we make no claims as to it’s accuracy, freshness, or reliability. PFBC Resolution, January 2010 Commission meeting “ . This concern, ever-increasing because of land development and climate change, has grown exponentially since the gas industry arrived in the Loyalsock Valley. ", Low flow, shifting water temps are impacting watershed's ecosystem. This package was developed to be focused on the lower water table from this summer's drought, but I do have plans to do a much deeper dive into water level trends over time in regards to water draws from the fracking industry and other sources. Liam Heiland . Grateful Guides. These parameters are used to develop an accurate assessment of the Susquehanna River and ensure that unauthorized discharges or pollutants do not threaten its water quality. STATION.--01540500 SUSQUEHANNA RIVER AT DANVILLE, PA (National stream-quality accounting network station) LOCATION.--Lat 40`57'29", long 76`37'10", Montour County, Hydrologic Unit 02050107, on right bank 500 ft upstream from Mill Street bridge on State Highway 54 at Danville and 0.8 mi upstream from Mahoning Creek. Access the park is block by water at the tunnel on Robert K. Mowrer Drive. I haven't seen a box turtle in years. This summer, I never heard a single bullfrog. Station Number Station name Date/Time Temper-ature, water … The swollen Susquehanna River floods the Marietta Chickies Rock County Park Boat Ramp Saturday, May 2, 2020. Susquehanna River. What will the impact on aquatic life be, both in the Loyalsock itself and in nearby feeder streams? The Susquehanna River is a river located in the northeast United States. Among the influencing circumstances that come from low water levels and cause a larger ripple effect is water temperature. I was thinking the same thing as Don Williams, and am glad to see Riverkeeper John Z's answer. upper Potomac River Water Level . When did the wholesale consumptive use of river and groundwater for fracking begin, and how many billions of gallons have been extracted over the last 10+ years. To identify patterns of nutrient concentrations in microhabitats in the Susquehanna River system. September 2020 Ken Maurer, with his wife Rose, have run Southside Bait and Tackle Shop in Sunbury for a long time, and Ken offers a fishing guide service on the Susquehanna River. The low temperature for this summer was 17.27 Co, At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 14°C, that's 57°F. 15: The recreation area of City Island is evacuated. Andy Chiu (410) 868-8400 MENU ; Home; Guide Service; Meet the Guides; Fishing Report; Photos; Contact Us; River Levels / Weather. Water Temperature Tables; Severe Weather; Tropical Weather; Spring Flood Outlook; Additional Info. 11 Select sites by number or name. "Sadly, due to the water levels, I haven't been in the boat anywhere near as much as I'd like to be," she said. Thank you Barb. May 2020 1. The average temperature of the Susquehanna River for the summer of 2003 was 20.83 Co, 0.75 Co lower then last summer’s. The average temperature of the Susquehanna River for the summer of 2002 (Figure 2) was 21.580C; 0.40C lower that that of summer 2001. Dr. Brian Mangan, director of the environmental program and professor of environmental science and biology at King’s College, has been studying the North Branch of the Susquehanna River for 39 years near Berwick and has a dataset that stretches back to 1972. December 2020 Water Temperature. The times they are a changin' and nature is under attack. "When we went out at 9 a.m., the water temperature was 56 degrees. 22: River interests are encouraged to monitor conditions for further rises. Fishing Reports, River Levels & Weather for Susquehanna River & Juniata River at Duncannon PA. On August 2, 1608, the Virginia Company explorers went as far north as the falls above current-day Havre de Grace near Port Deposit on the Susquehanna River. Two days ago, I took the canoe out for 20 minutes and saw exactly ONE fish - a sucker. The West Branch of the Susquehanna River (WBSR) supports a range of aquatic ecosystem types within various physical environments. Captain John Smith and his group of explorers spent several days exploring the northern reaches of the Chesapeake Bay, and met with a group of Susquehannock Indians who had traveled south from Pennsylvania to meet them. The origin of the Susquehanna River began as a sense of wonder before turning into an 18-day adventure for three friends that began in Lake Otsego in … I am very interested to see what data we are able to dig up and share. I appreciate you comment and insight. October Temperature Phillips Army Air Field / Aberdeen (9.3 miles) 2020 September October. Dr. Brian Mangan is the director of the environmental program and professor of environmental science and biology at King’s College. The Susquehanna River contributes about 446 million gallons of water per day at peak use (SRBC 2013). Frailey estimated in many places, the river water is around 50 to 55 degrees at this time, “and at that temperature, the useful time of consciousness is between five to 10 minutes. I'd like to see some hard data in response to my question vs. what will probably be offered. The parking lot on City Island begins to take on water. The average minimum temperature will be 8°C, dipping to its lowest on the morning of … Jolene Connelly, of Selinsgrove, enjoys fishing the Susquehanna River and waterfowl hunting along its banks. Customize table to display other current-condition parameters. Research is focusing on water chemistry and temperature, sediment loads and physical habitat, and biota (algae, benthic macroinvertebrates, and fish) in the Susquehanna River … 24: Both banks overflow. Susquehanna River Water Quality Monitoring Monitoring water quality and fecal coliform bacteria in the Upper Susquehanna River, summer 20101 Henry Bauer2 INTRODUCTION The Susquehanna River is the longest river on the east coast measuring approximately 444 miles in length. 01570500 SUSQUEHANNA RIVER AT HARRISBURG, PA. Lower Susquehanna Basin Lower Susquehanna-Swatara Subbasin . Current Conditions for Pennsylvania: Water Temperature -- 135 site(s) found. More than three-quarters of the entire river basin (20,960 square miles) is located in Pennsylvania. 08/27/2020 Paddling away On The … Call or email now to book a trip. Not one. DRAINAGE AREA.--24,100 square miles. River interests are encouraged to monitor conditions. PERIOD OF RECORD.--1946 to 1953, 1957 to 1995, 2002 to 2009, 2011 to current year. At night, choruses of bullfrogs provided a croaking lullaby. Hotels; Gallery; Fishing Report. Distance / Altitude Location Report Date / Time Live Weather Wind Temp. First, we were fishing above the fabridam. Secondly, the water temperature was a not balmy 35 and 36 degrees. The average temperature of the Susquehanna River (Figure 2) was higher this year than last, with a reading of 21.99oC. My property now borders land owned (not leased - owned) by a gas company that has been given permission by SRBC to build yet another water withdrawal on the Loyalsock Creek in order to supply millions of gallons a day for fracked gas wells atop Jacoby and Cove Mountains and the Allegheny Ridge. We also include live weather reports from ships and buoys if data are submitted close to Havre de Grace, Susquehanna River, Maryland, United States and within an acceptable time window. STATION.--01570500 SUSQUEHANNA RIVER AT HARRISBURG, PA LOCATION.--Lat 40`15'17", long 76`53'11", Dauphin County, Hydrologic Unit 02050305, on east bank of City Island, 60 ft downstream from Market Street bridge in Harrisburg, 3,670 ft upstream from sanitary dam, and 1.7 mi upstream from Paxton Creek. A high temperature of 26.39oC was reached on 9 August, at site 18. Basements of residences and businesses on both banks flood. For the past 14 years, I have lived along the banks of the Loyalsock year round. Fishing Articles; Fishing Locations; Contact Us; Fishing Weather; Social Media ; Client Reviews; A FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED FISHING GUIDE … Water temperature in rivers can be used as an indicator of aquatic health, changes in human impact, and thermal pollution. Areas not protected by the flood wall and levee system are affected. 1999 was 20+ years ago. Havre de Grace, Susquehanna River, Maryland Live Weather Report. Why is that not mentioned anywhere in this article? Salamanders, wood turtles, and hellbenders were commonly seen. This will make the third withdrawal on the 'Sock and the second in a 5 mile stretch. This construction in the creek itself will make everything downstream muddy, including the popular Hidden Valley and Wallis Run confluence swimming and fishing spots. River temperature was optimal for Columnaris growth but stressful for smallmouth bass. Temperature. ... th t th t lit f ththat the water quality of the Susquehanna River has become i i d t th l l th t it i i limpaired to the level that it is seriously impacting… its nationally-reputed small th b fi hllmouth bass fishery. Taking a look at Susquehanna River Harrisburg over the coming week and the average daytime maximum temperature will be around 18°C, with a high for the week of 24°C expected on the afternoon of Friday 23rd. Jolene Connelly, of Selinsgrove, a educator and former American Canoe Association Level 3 kayaking instructor, admits that time on the river has gotten much more difficult. In 2009, we partnered with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission to configure and install two YSI 6600 water quality sondes and telemetry data logger systems at water treatment plants on the West Branch near Milton and on the North Branch near Danville. See the current river level, flood stages and level predictions for the Susquehanna River Level Harrisburg. River regulars know that fishing above the dam is about a hundred times harder than fishing below the fabridam. "With duck season coming up, we're looking at other options. Shallow Water Fishing Adventures. I may need to kayak or canoe to an island and set up a blind there. High water affects a number of homes and businesses in areas not protected by the flood wall and levee system. INTRODUCTION . * NOTE: not all live weather reports for Havre de Grace, Susquehanna River, Maryland update at the same frequency which is why some locations can show data from stations that are more remote if the report is more recent than known closer ones. Each year, the Susquehanna River is tested for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, specific conductivity, nitrites+nitrates, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, and fecal coliform. Robert Lorantas, Warmwater Unit Leader for the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, has been part of a study examining smallmouth bass abundance and stream discharge from the 1980s through 2004. Following Labor Day our Frances Slocum location will be open on weekends only from 9-5:30 throughout the entire month. Photo compliments of The Daily Item newspaper in Sunbury. My earliest memories of the Loyalsock Creek go back about 66 years. Mr. Williams ... Good question. March 2020 November 2020 This temperature reflects the hot, dry weather that prevailed this summer. Water-Data Report 2013 01540500 SUSQUEHANNA RIVER AT DANVILLE, PA—Continued — 4 — WATER-QUALITY RECORDS . I've spent summers on the 'Sock for my entire life. Final approval from DEP is pending. She shares her story in our most recent podcast found at Figure 1.