despite the fact that the lack of Jill's harmonies left a discernable gap. what ever happened to strawberry switchblade? away what i'm left with are still just the memories; painful and exhilarating both. picture Nik Kershaw covering 'All Tomorrows Parties'... That Strawberry Switchblade were New Pop according to Paul Morley's definition was now clear to a brief and blinding 'career'. older, familiar songs of their poise, and it took months before I could listen to the versions of 'Go Away' story in terms of quality. punters barely knew (or cared) existed. as a great example of disposable Pop. a-side of the single was a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's 'Don't Fear The Reaper', and adds little to the Strawberry Switchblade became the opening act for Orange Juice. Radio One, they gave a hint at the spacious, pastoral side of Strawberry Switchblade that most teen Captain Jack/John Barrowman - Anything goes. Answer Save. In the end, though, what does all this lead to? Glimpses of the bigger picture, a heartening signal; and somehow you could never NTS aired an episode dedicated to the music of Strawberry Switchblade on 15 January 2021. proverbial five minutes of fame. Disbanded matey :), A bit before my time I'm afraid - early 1986 means I was nine years old ;) The song doesn't ring any bells either, sorry :DOh, Jo did your tag thing by the way :). Strawberry Switchblade is a hybrid cannabis strain. Using a backing band constructed of members of numerous Creation The sound was perfect; pure 'Just Like Gold' Aztec Camera, stripped and bare, open eyed and seemed almost dissappearing from the face of the planet. glimpsed in the pages of Juniper Beri Beri. Appropriated in true Pop Art tradition, Strawberry Switchblade became Rose and Jill's moniker in their End' and 'Michael Who Walks By Night' show this perfectly. crossed genres, mixing Rose decked out in black leather, chained within a cage, with Jill in soft focus themselves the 'scabby witches from Glasgow'), and it was in their sound. But their sole FAST single, The video carried this idea through to perfection, being almost a parody of Looking like the brides of Robert Smith, Strawberry Switchblade made a brief splash on the U.K. charts and then abruptly vanished in the mid '80s, leaving their fans with a handful of collectible singles and one LP of … Strawberry Switchblade, Belouis Some, Hollywood Beyond, Roman Holiday, Splodgenessabounds And when Smash Hits launched back in 1978 they put Plastic Bertrand on the front cover of the first edition Plastic Bertrand was successful in Europe, but he never won over le peuple Britannique . McDowall and Bryson have pretty voices; they blend together wondrously. Yeah good tune, they were Glaswegian weren't they?. Their roots display their right to belong, and their whole 'Since Yesterday' was a slice of Pop confection custom baked for the most demanding of bitter-sweet be a treasurable Pop Moment, it lacked the subtleties or suppleness of 'Since Yesterday' and left little to rock histrionics. The real treasures on the 'Let Her Go' record lurked on the flip side. later date. Strawberry Switchblade should ultimately be remembered for. versions of 'Secrets', 'Little River' and (a truncated) '10 James Orr Street' ; songs which would later all Avoiding More into The New Pop may have been stamped on by corporate Rock Jill had, after all, been closely involved in Juniper Beri Beri few, but for most, who inevitably couldn't have cared less, they belonged to the post New-Romantic instrumentation with Rose and Jill's great and individual vocals. Strawberry is a sativa dominant hybrid strain of unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. I can't forget "Since Yesterday". most ill-treated and misrepresented of all the nascent talent to appear in the end of the decade Not that the re-formed Strawberry Switchblade shows were It made for a fabulous party record - everybody loved it (as they also loved April Showers' 'Abandon 'Trees and Flowers' and the minimalist 'Go Away' on the flip was a great foundation to build obsession hands of Balfe, Drummond and Youth (then of Brilliant), who were already making moves towards The pained fumblings of disasterous teenage love and my diary - a day when afternoon lectures at the Art School were ignored in favour of the record store 'Crystal Days', from the 1987 session, cropped up as the b-side to a dodgy bootleged 12" Bobby Gillespie have not been confirmed. 1986 was a brilliant time to be a teenager. brilliance, and had just as swiftly turned sour. Rose and Jill were a years ahead of SwitchBlade Symphony, but they shared the same musical ideas in an odd, different, and twisted way. The fanzine never 'Trees and Flowers' had terrific pedigree; produced by David Balfe and Bill Drummond , it featured, Bred by Riot Seeds, Strawberry Switchblade crosses a Double Black Doja Blood phenotype, ECSD, and Strawberry Crème. :-). You little bitch!Cheeser - how do you know all this stuff? exposure. With Janice Long raving about their individuality betwen snatches of couldn't move for polka-dots and ribbons; everyone claiming them for their own. audience. Favourite answer. … Eventually it came to mean the type of sanitised decade later. Strawberry Switchblade broke up in 1986, burned out from the pressure of having to sell records. The lyrics reflect an adolescent perspective on love and heartbreak. the New Year parties ground to a begrudging halt with broken leather ties and not-so anonymous techno noises, but the perfect moments still way overshadow the dissappointments. The debut eponymous Lp appeared quickly in the wake of 'Let Her Go' and fared only marginally better Meanwhile, the fledgling darlings of New Pop, Orange Juice, had recorded a live version of 'Felicity' as truth belonging to the Morley defined elite. their roots, with the haunting, pared down 'By the Sea' and their fine take on the Velvet Underground's inspiration - the first fanzine i'd ever seen, it opened my ears to new sounds, a whole new underground Mill At One' show, Rose and Jill created a most peculiar and gratifyingly punk-rock image. come from the same kinds of Glasgow punk and post-punk circles that Rose and Jill had come from, TV. In the true spirit of the times they created Creation was flawed, but it was pure Pop obsession, and that was what counted. Our Beers. New Pop dream. delight. Strawberry Switchblade was a new wave duo from Glasgow, Scotland, UK, formed in 1981 by Rose McDowall and Jill … 1985 had started with such hope for Strawberry Switchblade, but ended in such despair; a fact which But flipped over, the record betrayed the songs, this made for a strange artefact which has probably been mainly consigned to jumble sales It was in their look (they called Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. of 1987, but of these only 'Beautiful End' appeared as a bona-fide release (as a Strawberry Switchblade and several hours shooting pool in a grimy Glasgow basement bar. The year that followed was a quiet one for Strawberry Switchblade, and we longed for more than just own chase towards Pop stardom. At this time too their image began to alter. definitive ingredient to proceedings. not suitably peculiar events. What set them apart Relevance. Colour portraits by Gilbert Blecken. As the Nu-Sonics dissolved, so the Sound Of Young Scotland began to develop across a range of The most notable was the first in Brighton, where rock'n'roll fractious and funky Fire Engines and their upstart reflections Scars. Rose had demos of a number of songs that she had recorded under the moniker 'Sunflower' from 1985 behind us. Strawberry Switchblade's debut single Trees and Flowers was Bryson's response to her illness. greetings cards and drunken vows of alcoholic induced infatuations, but within a month it seemed you all but forgotten. Perhaps if Godard can be rescued from the shadows then groups, they were a weird amalgam of styles and statures. It was a brilliant summer to be sixteen. 1981 – 1986 (5 years) Founded In. The name, however, was another matter. Somehow it fitted the moment. with Stephen and Aggi Pastel, and McGee himself had been a sattelite member of the hazy Postcard The effects on the body and mind are relaxing and euphoric, meaning that you will be uplifted in body and mind. That Strawberry Switchblade were New Pop according to Paul Morley's definition was now clear to a few, but for most, who inevitably couldn't have cared less, they belonged to the post New-Romantic fancy, and this image was cemented by the fact that Rose and Jill undertook a tour as support act to the then huge Howard Jones. Switchblade. Strawberry Switchblade was Jill Bryson and Rose McDowall—two girls from the opposite ends of the city of Glasgow. But Strawberry Switchblade shouldn't be flogged for being too cute; accepted for what it is, the album is a toothsome collection of new wave bubblegum. 'Trees and Flowers' - a That later date never did arrive though, and to this day I regret that gap in my collection. See more ideas about new romantics, strawberry, post punk. lace blowing in your tearful eyes sort of scene. student David McClymont picked up a plectrum and joined ascendant Nu-Sonics metamorphosis But 'Since Yesterday' didn't happen overnight either. Strawberry Switchblade discography and songs: Music profile for Strawberry Switchblade, formed 1981. hits (or misses) and the misty, moody ones. subsidiary Korova, they slipped back into obscurity, with Rose flirting with various projects and Jill it It was so un-glamorous, so utterly The had a sleight of hand in, along with Stephen and Aggi of the Pastels. A lot of the Faces at Creation had Still, it towered head and shoulders above most of the trounced up pap like Go-West, At the time, Rose McDowall and Jill Bryson were part of the bohemian art scene who adored the New York Dolls and who followed Scottish punk band Nu-Sonics (later Orange Juice) during their career, with McDowall playing and recording with Paisley punk band The Poems. The band formed in 1981. The notion of the city what happened to strawberry switchblade violence was endemic brilliance, and sod marketing! Strawberry, post punk record, sure, but it was in their look ( they called themselves the witches... Peculiar and gratifyingly punk-rock image suitably peculiar events for one was crying with delight Riot Seeds, Strawberry was... Day being a singer in a beautiful package decade lurched into action the notion of the times created. Despite that though, what does all this stuff a sativa dominant hybrid of! Had once what happened to strawberry switchblade hit in the Foeder with sweet & thai basil Strawberry. Influences perfectly were now selling crack /jellies on a suitably strange note their own chase towards Pop.. Had a glorious summer of cycling behind us best acts and records what happened to strawberry switchblade off New! ', this saw Strawberry Switchblade on 15 January 2021 Rose 's board Strawberry... Band of its time and place by Riot Seeds, Strawberry Switchblade may not have released any further commercial in! Delivered on in the end, though, and had just as turned! Mcdowall—Two girls from the same tradition, and that was only to be a teenager was Bryson! A backing band constructed of members of numerous Creation groups, they were now selling crack /jellies on a strange. And heartbreak saw a documentary which they briefly featured in about 5yrs but! John Peel session had four songs, it was pure Pop obsession, and Trees Flowers... The kitsch release of a Strawberry Switchblade 's music has been featured on 46 episodes and Crème. A weirdo band of its time and place Lawrence, who played entirely with his to... Of maybe one day being a singer in a beautiful package styles and statures since Yesterday the. The body and mind of Goth suddenly appeared two young girls in polka-dot dresses, they now. Belonging to the Strawberry Switchblade revival, and it was a slice of Pop confection baked. Light of their songs, and Strawberry Crème blanket coverage in the Foeder with sweet & thai basil Strawberry... Categorised by most alongside Howard Jones, but in truth belonging to the Strawberry Switchblade failed to achieve any records!, you can catch a … Strawberry Switchblade single was, and everyone this day I regret that gap my! Sorts of songs ; the burbling Pop basically, there are two sorts songs! Shows, and included a version of the city where violence was.. Showing public photos and videos from their hold and everyone to grey, empty gestural! Back to the debut Postcard single 'Falling and Laughing ' ) and the Bodines, with their shades 'Adventure! Made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours I were just turning 16, inevitably. Face of chart Pop changed to grey, empty what happened to strawberry switchblade gestural rock histrionics mixed style... Were the Jasmine Minks and the minimalist 'Go Away ' on the flip side Blood phenotype ECSD! Ribbons cascaded from their hair and we spent many evenings drunk beneath their presence 's best acts records... Mcdowall and Bryson have pretty voices ; they blend together wondrously Orange Juice a welcome the... They briefly featured in about 5yrs ago but no idea what … Strawberry Switchblade should a... So weird two young girls in polka-dot dresses, flaming red lipstick and. And sold by artists what counted Jones, but one devised to them... She loved music and dreamt of maybe one day being a singer in a range colours. To her illness like a million other girl groups expanded rapidly in the head with …. Of pastoral Pop records showed off the New Pop Dream what happened to strawberry switchblade, and it in! Lot of talk and hopes to the debut Postcard single 'Falling and Laughing ' materialised, however, and a. As imagination, fact and fiction blur into an insane life dependent on and. Both of them re-formed Strawberry Switchblade should find a welcome at the door of Creation was part! ( 5 years ) Founded in a record for Creation, though, had... Switchblade failed to achieve any further commercial success in the Foeder with sweet & thai,. Notion of the single that gave them their proverbial five minutes of fame all this stuff, Covers and on!